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Mechanical Seals

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As committed as we are to customer satisfaction, it's no wonder that Bergman Specialty Products offers a wide product line of mechanical seals. Their purpose is to handle fluids which are moved by equipment. Though cartridge seals are the easiest to install and therefore the most foolproof option, we offer many designs which can be adapted to your particular desired application. The seals can be made of a number of metals, including tungsten carbide, carbon, antimony carbon, alumina, silicone carbide and niresist. The type of seal used depends on a variety of factors like the type of fluid being pumped (water, acid, slurry, etc.), the temperature of the liquid and the pressure of the pipe. Once you report these factors (and a few more) to us in detail we'll be able to choose the best type of mechanical seal for your needs.Large photo of a mechanical seal


Say you need a mechanical seal but you don't want to pay for a new one. Well, there's another option. Apart from selling mechanical seals, we also offer repairs on them, which can save you up to 50% in costs. All of our repairmen are experts in their field who guarantee that when they're done with their work your mechanical seal will be fully at its former level if not a higher one. We repair all major brands of seal, so give us a call to ensure that yours is on the list. It almost certainly is. Simply supply your seal to use and we'll return it in new condition for far less than the cost of an entirely new product.

Assorted Mechanical SealsBergman is also very pleased to be able to offer mechanical seals for AquaScape Pumps. For many years, AquaScape Products have been at the forefront of the pond and water gardening industry, specializing in all types and sizes of ponds. Working in tandem with this fine company, Bergman has recognized the need for mechanical seal replacements to refurbish any worn and leaking pumps. Now, we are able to offer replacement mechanical seals for their pumps, which can extend their usefulness and life considerably, so if your warranty has expired, your pump is leaking and you're worried about accruing high costs to repair it or perhaps even buy another, give Bergman Specialty Products a call and try out one of our replacement mechanical seals to save money on repairs and give you a little peace of mind. In terms of the functioning of your water pump it might make all the difference in the world.

Bergman Specialty Products is proud to sell such fantastic items and work with such skilled, inventive people. From the companies with which we choose to affiliate to our repairmen who make sure every item that comes under their gaze is perfectly restored to our customer service representatives who make you feel so comfortable and at ease, we're proud of the people we've chosen to affiliate ourselves with. We'd be proud to work with you as well, so why not give us a call and help show us what we can do to assist you. Our wide variety of mechanical seals, all of the different materials that go into them and brand names that help define them, are indicative of the superlative condition of the rest of our inventory. Call us and find out for yourself.

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