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Q: Can my mechanical seal ever work like it did when I bought it new again?
A: Yes, it can, with our expert custom mechanical seal repair services we'll have you seal back up to working in full capacity in no time. Essentially, we will repair any part we can, and any parts which are beyond repair will be replaced to the exact specifications laid out by the original equipment manufacturer. This ensures that even if a part cannot be refurbished its replacement will fill the exact same function as the un-repairable piece with the same or higher level of functionality.

Q: Okay, you can replace parts of mechanical seals with custom parts which match the specifications of the original equipment manager, but can you do the same with parts from hydraulic seal kits? 
A: Absolutely, we can. There are many factors which go into making an absolutely accurate reproduction. The material make up must be the same, as must the size, profile and the tolerance of the part. Fortunately, we have such a wide variety of materials and an intimate knowledge of so many design plans that we are able to offer you parts which duplicate the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer exactly.

Q: Do you guarantee high material quality and expert workmanship on every repair?
A: We absolutely do. Our staff consists of some of the very best people in the industry, who utilize only finest materials to repair every seal.

Q: What types of materials do you offer for hydraulic and pneumatic seals?
A: A large variety, including Viton, Neo / Fab, Silicone, Virgin, EPDM, Leather, NBR (Buna) and Teflon. The latter material, Teflon is available filled with glass, carbon, nickel, bronze or stainless steel. We also offer phenolics and nylon materials for wear bands (glide rings). Just askus, we probably have what you need.