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For well over a century Trelleborg has been producing remarkable sealing solutions for a huge range of industries, including aerospace, automotive/transportation, oil/gas, construction, printing and more. The business began in 1905 in Sweden as a humble tire manufacturer. However, though a great deal of hard work and commitment, Trelleborg soon became one of the top manufacturers of tires in the country. From there, the business continued to grow astronomically. By 1950 the company was already expanding internationally, and in the early 1980s they began to expand their operation far beyond rubber manufacturing to cover a host of other concerns, continuing to expand operations throughout the 80s and 90s. In 2005, Trelleborg celebrated their 100th anniversary. By this point, Trelleborg’s empire had grown to encompass more than 100 factories across 40 counties. The previous decade has brought continued growth and acclaim.

Throughout their entire history, Trelleborg has stayed true to what they themselves define as their four core values: “customer satisfaction, performance, innovation and responsibility.” Indeed, it is their rigid loyalty to these values which has made them such a successful company. Their products are not only skillfully made using the highest quality materials possible; they’re truly tailored to the needs of Trelleborg’s clients. This is how Trelleborg is able to serve such a vast range of industries while still maintaining the overall quality of their products. Bergman Specialty is proud to carry Trelleborg products, and we think, should you order one for your custom sealing solution, that you’ll be happy we do.