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Merkel is a large and highly specialized manufacturer of seals for use in heavy hydraulic applications. They know that their seals have to stand up to a tremendous amount of pressure, which is already enough to make their products highly specialized, but Merkel goes even further than that, specifically tailoring their products to the specific needs of their customers. It is this combination of expertise and emphasis on customer satisfaction that has allowed Merkel to expand worldwide, selling and distributing their products on no less than four continents. Their products are used in a tremendous range of industries, among them hydraulic presses (such as those used for metal die casting), metallurgy, paper production and mining. Every client they assist requires a highly specific sealing solution, and Merkel rises to the challenge every single time.

Merkel’s service program contains what they call “four major elements.” The first of these is their drive to maintain an ever-growing stockpile of seals so that they can be available to clients with a moment’s notice. But they don’t just endeavor to make a lot of seals. They want to make seals for both standard and special jobs, seals which are highly specialized to better serve the needs of clients. They also seek to create special products specifically for heavy hydraulic applications, which can be viewed as something of a specialty for the company. Finally, they strive not only to create great products but to give themselves the means to deliver those products directly to their clients quickly and efficiently. No matter what industry you work in, if you’re in need of a custom sealing solution Merkel is certainly worth a look.