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Since 1974, Forsheda has been making a wide range of seals for a diverse array of clients. Ever since their inception, their innovative record has allowed them to stand out from the pack. For an example of that innovative spirit, just look to their remarkable v-ring seal. Composed entirely of rubber, the v-ring seal is remarkably durable. Its high elasticity allows it to be used in a great many applications. It can be stretched or twisted and still work optimally. With a flexible but effective lip, it can be used to transport heavy lubricants while reliably removing potentially harmful contaminants, handling up to 10 psi of pressure. The v-ring seal can also be used in dry applications as well. Five styles are available, each adapted to a different application. Heavy duty LongLife v-rings stand up to a greater degree of abuse, remaining effective in the fact of higher heats and more resistant fluids. It’s ability to adapt to its surroundings makes it a truly unique and remarkable seal. The company which produces them is likewise quite remarkable. Do you want to ensure that your applications will be able to operate at a peak level of performance? If so, Forsheda v-rings are a wise purchase. Now only do they stand up to the pressures of their application, Forsheda v-rings go above and beyond, reliably removing contaminates like dust, debris and dirt from running the interior of your machine. They’re a fantastic way to improve the longevity of your applications and all but guarantee the success of your business venture. So the next time you need a sealing ring for your machine, consider v-rings by Forsheda.