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Founded more than a century ago, Flexitallic has long been considered an innovator and an industry leader. Today they are one of the world’s top suppliers of industrial gaskets. Having created the spiral wound gasket in 1912, Flexitallic has continued to make great strides in their field. They currently manufacture a huge range of products, including semi-metallic, sheet, static and dynamic gaskets, as well as dynamic and static packing materials, high pressure ring joins and more. These products are then used in a tremendous variety of applications all across the world. For decades Flexitallic’s products have been in high demand, and they have earned the accolades of their clients time and time again. Flexitallic insures that each of their products will be able to meet their strict quality standard, guaranteeing that every gasket and sealing material made under their watchful eyes is optimized, entirely functional and as durable as possible. Should there be an issue with one of their products, an unlikely scenario, their excellent customer service department will aid you in ascertaining a solution to your current problem. Though they have more than 750 distributors in 30 countries, Flexitallic isn’t too busy to give you the help you require. We’ve chosen to carry Flexitallic’s products because of their commitment to quality and their dedication to the people who utilize their products. Contact us and see what a difference a Flexitallic gasket can make today.