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Dichtomatik stocks more than 16 million seals with 21,000 unique SKUs. Started in 1978 in Germany, Dichtomatik has remained under the management of the original founder’s heirs, ensuring that their commitment to quality is still being maintained to this day, and will continue to be in the future. Their huge range of products includes metric rotary shaft seals, fluid power seals, inch dimensional seals and o-rings. Their products are highly customizable. Need a unique shape or a special material? Dichtomatik can help. They offer their vast array of products for the absolute lowest prices possible, and we continue to illustrate their commitment to their customers by honoring their pricing, and their philosophy. Dichtomatik is a company that always puts the needs of the client first. As such they are happy to design unique products, and their available stock is so diverse that if you spend a bit of time looking through it you may find that they won’t even need to. Dichtomatik’s seals are available in a vast number of styles, materials and shapes. They carry both single and double-case styles, spring and non-spring energized models, as well as items covered in a variety of materials, including rubber and various metals. Their inventory is large for one key reason: Dichtomatik simply wants to carry every single option that their clients and distributors could possibly need. It is this commitment to custom satisfaction which makes Dichtomatik special, and a key member of the Bergman Specialty Products family.